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Societatea „Kandia” în prima parte a regimului comunist

Abstract: The „Kandia” factory in Timisoara, has passed the end of World War II, as well as the entire romanian society through a radical process of change.After the communists came to power, the „Kandia” factory passed into state ownership. Immediately after nationalization with „Kandia”, three other western factories in the country were merged. The „Kandia” factory was integrated into the centralized economy thought by the communist party and submitted to the first five-year term, which proved not to be a success as expected.

Societatea „Kandia” din Timișoara în timpul Primului Război Mondial și procesul cu statul maghiar

Abstract: The „Kandia” factory was founded in 1890. In order to face the competition in 1909 it becomes a joint stock company and begins to develop constantly. In 1918, „Kandia” enters into a contract wits the Austro-Hungarian army, which undertakes to deliver 625 wagons of apple jam. Because much of the amount was not delivered due to the end of the war, a long process will follow with the Hungarian state to recover the loss.



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