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Morisena nr. 1 (21)/2021

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Un ideal irosit: destrămarea României Mari

Abstract: Compared to all the turbulent and bitter historical periods that the Romanian people went through in its millennial existence, but especially after the completion of state unity after the First World War, in the country called „Greater Romania”, never has it been a more painful and tragic year like the year 1940. In that unfortunate and and full of suffering year, the Romanians have lost by ultimatum and dictate, in less then three months, almost a third of its national territory. Following the Munchen Agreement (29/30 September 1938), but especially because of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact (from 23rd August 1939), Romania was left alone in front of the vicissitudes of time, without its traditional allies (Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia) and without the support of the great powers(France and Great Britain). Under the roller coaster of events which unfolded rapidly, followed: the ultimatum of the Soviet Union from June 26 1940 with the loss of Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and Herta land; the dictate from Vienna on 30th August 1940, the cession of Northern Transylvania to Hungary and the Treaty of Craiova from September 7 1940 through which the Romanian state gave Bulgaria the Cadrilater(Durostor and Caliacra counties).



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