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Morisena nr. 1 (21)/2021

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Variașul în cărți poștale ilustrate. Istoricul cartofiliei locale (1920-1947)

Abstract: In the inter-war period, the importance and circulation of illustrated postcards decreased. The declining tendency continued in the post-war years. Today, postcards have become useless. The ten types of local inter-war postcards identified so far have several characteristics: poor quality paper and print, no decorative elements, the dramatic decrease of the number of editors etc. Nevertheless, the relatively large number of illustrated postcards put Variaș on top of the list of inter-war localities with printed postcards. Editor E. Winkler made a special contribution – two thirds of the Variaș inter-war postcard types belong to him. The local German community was involved in marketing the postcards. A factor that facilitated their circulation was the purchasing power of the inhabitants of Variaș in the inter-war period.

Variașul în cărți poștale ilustrate. Istoricul cartofiliei locale (sfârșitul sec. al XIX-lea – anul 1919)

Abstract: Illustrated postcards play a very important documentary role in the study of rural topography at the beginning of the 20th century. They are indispensable for researching the evolution of the local architecture during the whole century [1]. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, fine-art photography was little known in the rural area of Banat. The topographic photographs taken in those years are relatively rare and only a small number of them have survived until today. Illustrated postcards were printed in large numbers and the collectors loved them. Over time, they became the most important testimonies of rural Banat in general and Variaș in particular.



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