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Morisena nr. 1 (21)/2021

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Banologia (IV): Prolegomene la o listă a banilor "fără" Banat

Abstract: Starting the 13th century, the medieval documents of the Hungarian kingdom are full of characters that obstinately bear the honorary title of banus. Unfortunately, due to an information shortage, we cannot always specify the primary elements that define the dignity (or honor) of Banatus: where?, since when?, for how long? carried that person the title of banus (or vice-banus) in exercise. I named this category of historical characters bani "without" Banatus, and by this designation it is not to be understood that they did not actually occupy the dignity (honor) of Banatus in a certain region, but only that we don’t know it anymore today. In the following I will examine in great detail three distinct cases.




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